Monday, November 2, 2009


I'm ready to be done with the hatred I've harbored in my heart

I'm ready to let go of my past, the ugly, the negative naggings

I'm ready to free myself of the tormented painin my heart placed there by bitterness, jealousy and loneliness

I was robbed in my childhood of innocence, of peace, of my mother

But in their place I was given strength, determination, self-reliance and endurance.

I was given compassion, empathy, spiritual connections and understanding

I'm ready to free my heart of the weighted burden I have carried for too long

I'm ready to let go

I don't want to wake up one morning in 25 years and realize that these horribly tragic memories and comfortable resentments have robbed me of any of my life, my energy or my joy

I want to be better, to clean and purify my soul and I am ready

I am a better person now, filled with love and compassion instead of hate and malice

I am continually filling my soul with the positive, with joy

I am a different person now than I was then, beautifully changed by the healing power of love,
acceptance and adoration from the one person in life who's opinion and desires matter only

I am filled with the overwhelmng power of a child's simple love and I am forever changed by it

I am no longer the sad, bitter child that ruled my thoughts, feelings, and intents for so long

I no longer need the things that I needed then and was forced to go without

It is time to let go of who I was, learn from my past and my mistakes and who I fell into being.

It is time to allow my spirit to truly come into who I am now.

I am ready